InterMune Know IPF Now

InterMune Know IPF Now

Make a proactive plan for living with IPF

Partner with your healthcare team

Your healthcare team may include a pulmonologist, a respiratory therapist, a nurse, and others. Your healthcare team will help monitor your disease, manage your symptoms, and provide a recommended treatment plan.

It is important to stay on your treatment plan and monitor your disease. Work with your healthcare providers to track all of your IPF symptoms. If you notice changes in symptoms, let your doctor know right away.

Keep a journal to take notes or write down questions to ask your doctor at your next appointment. A journal can also help you keep track of appointments, test results, and therapy progress.

Team members may include:

  • A pulmonologist
  • Nurses and medical support staff
  • A pulmonary rehabilitation specialist
  • A respiratory therapist
  • A physical therapist
  • A dietician or nutritionist
  • A clinical pharmacist
  • A social worker or counselor

Patients who ask questions and take an active role in their care may be more satisfied with their care compared to patients who do not.

What are my options for managing symptoms?